30 May 2021
25 Apr 2021

22-May-2020 Updated ISO45001:2018 Certificate


Treeland Services Co Ltd are delighted to announce the successful implementation and certification of the ISO45001:2018 standard for the Hong Kong operations. ISO 45001:2018 specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (​OH&S) management system, and gives guidance for its use, to enable Treeland to provide safe and healthy workplaces by preventing work-related injury and ill health, as well as by proactively improving its OH&S performance.

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07 Nov 2018
19 Aug 2018

31-May-2018 R2:2013, iso14001:2015 & OHSAS18001:2007


We are delighted to announce that Treeland Services Company Limited has successfully obtained the R2:2013 Responsible Recycling, ISO14001:20015 Environmental Management System Certificate, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series for which the main working area includes:

“Provision of receiving, dismantling, data destruction, storage and recycling services of end of life electronics of desktop computers, notebook computers, monitors, printers, network equipment and servers, hard disks and computer peripheral electronic devices”

We believe after the aquisition of the certificate, a significant improvement will be seen in the environmental protection policy. Also we believe we will continuously provide excellent service quality to our prestigious customers.

Treeland R2:2013, ISO14001:2015 & OHSAS18001:2007 Policy

The company provides material recovery and processing services. All recycling waste products will be inspected by company employees and processed after classification. Arrangements are made by the company’s sorting (recyclable or non-recyclable).

The company’s senior management (general manager) is fully committed to the establishment, implementation and development of an integrated management system to achieve successful certification, ensuring the maintenance of the system and maintaining appropriate records, and continuously improving the company’s environmental performance, occupational safety and health and responsible recycling performance and integration. Manage the effectiveness of the system and comply with the relevant ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and SERI R2:2013 international certification standards.

Senior management is convinced that meeting the requirements of the integrated management system and professional services is an essential element of the company’s sustainable development.
This has the following policies:

⚫ Provide adequate, effective and quality resources and make good use of them to provide customers with high quality and reliable services;
⚫ Identify and respond to corporate risks, opportunities, important environmental factors and occupational safety and health risks during the operational life cycle

⚫In all cases, comply with all applicable requirements, such as standards, statutory regulations, guidelines and codes;
⚫ Regular review, data analysis and management review to monitor and continually improve the effectiveness of the integrated management system;
⚫ Guarantee to focus on the customer while complying with and meeting customer requirements and expectations, and working in a planned manner;
⚫ Maintain effective internal and external communication, actively monitor, observe and understand the customer’s situation and their changing needs;
⚫Determined to continue to develop, improve and enhance the quality of services, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations to reduce operational this;
⚫Promise to provide appropriate resources and training for employees of affected companies (including environmental, occupational safety, health and responsible recycling) and sub-contractor workers;
⚫ Ensure that the company and downstream contractors prioritize the treatment of materials by reuse, recycling and re-engineering. Unless material Can no longer be used, recycled and rebuilt, otherwise it will not be disposed of by disposal, incineration or landfill;
⚫ Regularly verify the method of detecting and recycling waste products to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results;
⚫ Add as much as possible the applicable environment, occupational safety and health and responsible recycling ideas to the professional services provided to customers;
⚫ Select and appoint a sub-underwriter capable of providing quality services to the Company in the context of safety and environmental protection;
⚫Control and reduce negative environmental impacts during operation, and strengthen the communication of environmental protection, occupational safety and health and internal and external Responsibility recovery message. Active communication with our employees, customers and stakeholders on the performance of the integrated management system.
⚫ Leading all employees must perform the work in accordance with the requirements of the integrated management system;
⚫ Continually update and maintain the relevant environmental and safety environmental impact elements from the work process, and prepare Procedures, guidelines and practices as a means of controlling and reducing or preventing environmental impacts and hazardous environments Provide effective environmental and safety conditions;
⚫ Continuous improvement of existing comprehensive policies, targets, indicators and management measures. Fully prevent environmental pollution, injury and Accidental occurrence
⚫ Monitor and continually improve the effectiveness of the integrated management system through regular internal audits, data analysis and management reviews.

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15 Apr 2008

Recovery Programme

Every year, 1.5 million pieces of used computers and electic appliance are disposed by Hong Kong families. Part of the disposals can still work normally therefore we should reuse it as much as possible. All the functionable parts and material, including metal and plastic, is reusable and recollectable. Since January 2003, the EPD has launched a used computer and electric appliance recolleciton program to reduce amount of those disposed in landfill. The program gains public support and is expected to recollect and process up to 40,000 pieces of used computer and electric appliance.

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15 Apr 2008



We are delighted to announce that Treeland Services has successfull obtained the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certificate, for which the main working area includes:

Providing Recycle Services for Computer Equipments and Electronic Products

We believe after the aquisition of the certificate, a significant improvement will be seen in the environmental protection policy. Also we believe we will continuously provide excellent service quality to our prestigious customers.

Treeland ISO14001:2004 Policy

We are committed to providing, in conjunction with industry, the best service of Recycling Computer Equipment to our customers by the implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System with the ISO 14001:2004 requirements.

We will try our best to prevent pollution and minimize the environmental impacts caused by our activities and adopt the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle approach where practicable.

We adopt a continual improvement approach and are always seeking opportunities to improve environmentally friendly.

We will train up our staff at all levels and relevant interested parties to ensure that the Environmental Management Policy are fully understood, effectively implemented and continually improved to achieve the objectives in environmental.

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15 Apr 2008



The Waste Disposal Plan, published in 1989, sets out a strategy for municipal solid waste disposal in Hong Kong. Old waste facilities have been phased out and new, cost-effective facilities have been built to higher environmental standards, under the management of the Environmental Protection Department.

The Policy Framework for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) (2005-2014) published in December 2005 sets out a comprehensive strategy for the management of MSW in Hong Kong with clear targets and timetables for the ten years from 2005 to 2014. The Policy Framework is built on the three-tiered approach: (i) avoidance and minimization; (ii) reuse, recovery and recycling and (iii) bulk reduction and disposal. While waste avoidance and recovery will remain to be the top priority and other modern waste treatment technologies will be employed in future for the treatment of waste, it is important to recognize that landfills will always be needed as a final means of disposal for unrecyclable wastes and waste residues after treatment. As the existing landfills are running out of space, the EPD has commissioned engineering and environmental studies to look into the feasibility of extending the existing three strategic landfills. The EPD has been implementing several waste-reduction plans in recent years and a key point of that is the recollection and reuse of the waste.

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15 Apr 2008


Dr. The Honorable Sarah Liao, JP, Secretary for the Environment announced Policy Framework for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) (2005-2014). This Policy Framework advocates what we plan to do to tackle our waste problem head-on. Its core message is clear and simple: we must be responsible for what we consume and what we dispose of. We must all be responsible for avoiding, reducing, reusing, recycling and treating waste, and use our landfills as a final repository only for the unavoidable waste after waste treatment.

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